Tattooed - Pamela Callow


By Pamela Callow

  • Release Date: 2012-06-01
  • Genre: Crime & Thrillers


Have you met lawyer Kate Lange? Discover for yourself why over a million readers love the Kate Lange Thriller Series.

In Book 3 of the bestselling Kate Lange Thriller Series, the discovery of a bog body could crack a cold case that has haunted the city—and unravel the darkest secrets of Kate’s oldest foe.

"...there is no shortage of drama and suspense to keep readers on the hook right through to the heart-pounding finale." —Chronicle Herald

She is obsessed with tattoos. He is obsessed with her.

When a body is found on the outskirts of Halifax, rumors run wild about the victim’s identity. But tattoo artist Kenzie Sloane knows exactly who she is. They share a tattoo… and a decade-old secret.

Lawyer Kate Lange remembers Kenzie Sloane. The former wild child was part of the same crowd that attracted her little sister, Imogen, before her death. Now Kenzie needs her help. And Kate needs answers.

But there are others who know about the tattoo and its history. And one of them is watching Kenzie’s every move, waiting for the perfect moment to fulfill a dark promise that had been inked in her skin.

"...the characters—even the villains—are intriguing and multidimensional." —RT Book Reviews

"TATTOOED is a phenomenal book. It moves incredibly fast, and blends the lives of all the characters together in a flawless manner. It is a story of love and loss, revenge, insanity, murder, and overall survival. Readers everywhere will adore this novel as much as I have." —Night Owl Reviews, TOP PICK

If you love a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, a police procedural storyline featuring an unsolved cold case, complex characters with hidden motivations, and a main character who must navigate the grey between the black and white of the law that ultimately leads to life-or-death stakes, then read TATTOOED, the third instalment in the Kate Lange Thriller Series.

What readers are saying about TATTOOED:

"Don't start this at bedtime. This is my third Kate Lange thriller and they just keep getting better! Pamela Callow has a gift for grabbing your attention and not letting go until the last period. Kudos to this new voice and keep them coming!"

“Great writing — could not put it down!!! So many twists and turns—every time I thought I knew what would come next… I was wrong.”

“Another great book by…Callow. This one has twists and turns and a surprise ending.”

"I have several tats, I can appreciate the work described in the book. However, it was just part of the brilliant work she (the author) has created."

"Let's just say every one of these books has kept me up at night, falling asleep reading, but refusing to put the book away...loved all three so far and can't wait to read the 4th."

"I could not put the book down. Kept me on the edge of my seat. I can't wait to read another."

"One and two of the Kate Lange series were fast, thrilling reads. Book 3 was no different. Already can't wait to see what awaits in book 4!"

"Please read this series. They kept me awake because I couldn't put them down. I love this author."

"Filled with twists and turns and keeps you very interested. Can't wait to read the next in the series!"

"Another great page turner. Could not put it down. Yep, she's bad. Another great Kate story, where evil strikes out."

"Captivating and intriguing read from first page to last."

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DAMAGED (Book 1). ISBN 978-0-9951543-1-5

INDEFENSIBLE (Book 2). ISBN 978-0-9951543-3-9

TATTOOED (Book 3). ISBN 978-0-9951543-5-3

EXPLOITED (Book 4). ISBN 978-0-9951543-7-7

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